Every teen’s dream definitely be to have their wedding day as a fairy-tale story that they would never forget in their life. Even parents see this as a big day to them on the one side they are happy too and on the other side they are very emotional.

“Flashback to when you met me

Your buzzcut and my hair bleached

Even in my worst times, you could see the best in me……

My one and only, my lifeline” – Taylor Swift


This line states the strength of a relationship, even when in difficult times. It shows the partnership to bring up the best in each other even at any obstacles happen. Love & support is the key to opening the door of marriage life.

1.Start planning 4 months early:

Planning everything in advance reduces the stress on your big day. You get a lot of time in advance so each and every bit of preparation be very memorable for you. As you plan you have many choices on how to décor your stage, and wedding venue, do wedding shopping, design your own invitation card, and choose photographers for capturing your big day.

2.Keep simple in everything: Keeping simple your plan reduces your stress and cost which takes off. Make simple stage decorations with flowers beside your home, inviting your neighbors, relatives & friends and with the best catering services. Have simple makeup it gives you an elegant look. Like this if you do


3.Take a self-care:

Having a healthy diet with fruits which is high in vitamins definitely gives you a perfect skin glow. So that you can avoid heavy makeup on your wedding instead you can have a simple touch-up will be enough. By this, you can be on time for your wedding stage.

4.Be in acceptable mind :

Not every wedding takes place in a well-organized one I’m not conditioning. In times of, unexpected things happening while at a wedding like a power cut, food insufficient, etc. won’t be down, keep a backup plan or think on the spot about what next you can do.


5.Be well organized:

This will define you to keeping a schedule for the day of time for what’s next it helps to see a quick view of the next session to be placed. By being organized, you will be able to keep on everything on track by paying advance and end payments settling everything for others, and avoiding the last-minute cracks light.


6.Talk to your partner

Communication with your love keeps still more quite pretty on stage, e.g. shy talk, a simple smile while talking, your eye contact this will be captured for you and while looking at your own album you feel is that us.

By following these steps you can plan a stress-free day and even we shared our thoughts too here so you can read & enjoy it.